• Honest, Dependable, Quality Service

  • Honest, Dependable, Quality Service

  • Honest, Dependable, Quality Service

Featured Services

  • Light-Duty and Medium-Duty Towing

    Ames Recovery & Towing’s light- and medium-duty fleet can tow/transport automobiles, pickups, SUVs and more.

  • Heavy-Duty Towing

    Our heavy-duty units can safely and efficiently tow tractor-trailers, dump trucks, log trucks, fertilizer and grain trucks, farmer’s co-op vehicles, cement trucks, refuse trucks, fire apparatus, buses, mobile cranes and more.

  • Local Transport

    Ames Recovery & Towing has 12-, 20- and 35-ton trailers to transport vehicles and equipment including logging and farm equipment, hay balers, excavators, dozers, skid steer loaders, construction and rental equipment, generators and more.

  • Recovery

    From light- to heavy-duty, Ames Recovery & Towing can recover all types of vehicles on and off the road.

About Us

Ames Recovery & Towing began offering towing and recovery services in 2017, and today we’re the largest towing company in Meigs County, Tennessee. We started with one truck, and through honest, dependable service and word-of-mouth recommendations we’ve grown to become the leading local provider with a fleet of trucks and specialized equipment to handle everything from motorcycles to tractor-trailers and much more.

Ames Recovery & Towing is registered with the Tennessee Highway Patrol towing rotation list to respond to incidents from light- to heavy-duty.

Whether a car won’t start in a driveway or a loaded tractor-trailer is overturned on a highway, we have light- to heavy-duty towing and recovery units, transport trailers and experienced, uniformed drivers to professionally tow and/or recover your vehicle 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in Meigs County and surrounding areas.

Ames Recovery & Towing

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